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Once she had her face down she spread those cheeks wide open and slipped her tongue right into that ass. She licked it and tossed salad then rubbed her pussy while she ate that ass. The girl getting licked loved it so much she came right there on the bed and begged for more. When she was done licking ass she spun around and opened herself up. It was time for her to get her salad tossed.


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The girls got home from practice and sat down on the couch. They started talking about how hot each other looked and soon one of them, Tiffany, bent over and showed off he tight booty shorts she was wearing. Her horny lesbian roommate smacked her ass and pulled her panties down. Tiffany bent over and told her to eat that ass.

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The girls are both sexy and were wearing their hottest lingerie. They didn’t waste much time getting down to business. They were kissing and playing with each other’s tits then off came the panties and the anal fun began. One of the girls bent over and let the other girl lick her ass. She licked that ass and made her cum then went to the drawer and got out the toys.

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It appears what happens is these two hotties were in the workout room in their apartment complex and were working up a sweat. Both were showing off their asses in short, tight little shorts and it didn’t take long before the two gave up the weights and started rubbing on each other.

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I was just over at Tushy Lickers and they have a hot new ass licking update up that I wanted to share with you. They always have some crazy shit on that site and this is no exception. This guy went over to his buddy’s place to meet up with him. He wasn’t home but his buddy’s sister was there. They got to talking as they waited for her brother to return and he decided to make his move.

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He just flat asked her if he could lick her ass and she was totally into it. She couldn’t get naked fast enough. He had her face down on her bed with his tongue pressed against her asshole tossing salad and making her moan. She came on his tongue as he licked her ass then he used his tongue to pry her ass open and slide it in.

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